May 31
Jun 1
Kristiansand, Norway

Dronekonferanse for energibransjen

Don't miss the opportunity to network with our Head of Sales at the event.

Discover how drones have revolutionized time-consuming and hazardous inspection tasks within the power sector at the Drone Conference. This event highlights the significant benefits drones bring to the industry, including shorter inspection durations, improved safety, reduced CO2 emissions, and higher quality data collection. Net companies have successfully embraced this transformation, transitioning inspection contracts from helicopters to drones. Now, it's time for the rest of the power industry to learn from their success.

Solar, wind, thermal, and hydroelectric power sectors can also leverage drones, although their utilization is not as advanced as in net companies. At the conference, we explore the valuable lessons that can be learned from net companies and discuss the services the rest of the power industry needs from the drone industry going forward. Don't miss this opportunity to gather in Kristiansand and explore the full potential of drones in the power sector.

We'll be at Dronekonferanse for energibransjen

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