The new way of making electric motors.

Alva’s next-gen electric motors and propulsion systems are based on patented FiberPrinting™, a ground-breaking production process enabling Alva to rapidly design and manufacture ironless windings for any electric motor or generator.

Next-generation electric motors, made in Norway

Manufacturing benefits

With FiberPrinting™, technical and composite fibers can be combined to enhance thermal, mechanical and electromagnetic properties, leaving a copper dense winding used in ironless motors

Up to 60% copper fill factor

Any pole number

Windings 90 degrees to magnetic force field

Custom series and parallel connections

Any diameter, thickness, and axial length

High-volume automatic production

Composite structure for high strength

Product benefits

Alva’s ironless motors are made up of a permanent magnet Halbach-array rotor and a FiberPrinted™ stator. The motors exhibit unique characteristics over conventional iron-cored motors due to the FiberPrinted™ ironless winding, including no magnetic stator saturation, zero cogging torque and low inductance

Extreme peak torque and peak power

Faster acceleration

Smooth motion at low speeds

Low noise and vibrations

High precision

High efficiency



Energy efficient ironless generators for maximum energy yield in all rpm ranges


Zero cogging for limitless accuracy and smooth operation in high-precision applications


High-efficiency traction motors with unique integration possibilities in ground vehicles


Compact and energy-efficient marine propulsion systems for UUVs and other marine systems


High performance meets uncompromising reliability with Alva's aerial propulsion systems

The next generation of electric motors are made in Norway

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